Mahogany Furniture

Mahogany, a tropical kind of hardwood, is a durable hardwood used to make fine furniture. This wood is considerably known for its beautiful grain, reddish-brown color, and high-quality for craft. It also responds well to hand or machine tool which make the craftsmen or wood artisan easy to work with.

Basically, mahogany wood is fine material worked as furniture, deck, and acoustic musical instrument, such as drums or guitar. Beside that, it is built as decking or rail road material. And now, this hardwood sought by people as indoor or out door furniture to fill at any living space.


Back then, mahogany furniture is frequently made in classic traditional style, but these pieces can complement any decorating style. Nowadays, mahogany suits with modern contemporary style of furniture. Adding a few mahogany accent pieces at the living space will create another beauty of elegance and sophistication atmosphere.

Furniture like, chairs, tables, cabinets and other home furnishings crafted with mahogany will last years to come and should be considered an investment.

But since the massive exploitation for a century or more, the natural rainforest of mahogany is decreasing. In South America, or Asia, it is substituted with the harvest plantation of mahogany to keep the supply of wood as furniture.

Later, many manufacturers decided to change their solid mahogany furniture to sell into particleboard or veneers. There are many reasons that many of them did that move. One is for preservation of natural and plantation of mahogany in order to of course preservation and the good human kind.