Indoor Teak Furniture – High Quality Teak In Java – Indonesia
In terms of teak wood history in Indonesia, Teak has been used for centuries in the shipbuilding industry, especially by the Dutch, and was a standard material in the construction of the tall ships and clippers that sailed the world’s oceans. Many benches sitting in English parks & gardens today were constructed of the wood salvaged from these sailing ships when they were dismantled – some are over 100 years old and still holding up very well.


Nowadays teak wood is commonly used Indonesia to make doors, door & window frames, furniture, floors & floor tiles, supporting and decorative columns, and heavy beams in houses, temples and bridges. It is claimed that in Southeast Asia you can find structural beams which are over 1,000 years old and still functional. Teak is also used extensively in the construction of modern luxury cruisers, yachts and sailboats, and it is prized by boat owners for its beauty and durability.


Java, the heart of Indonesia’s teak furniture production
In Java, mainly in and around the city of Jepara, lies the actual heart of Indonesia’s teak furniture production. Teak is the most important commercial tree species here, and there are 0.6 million ha of production plantations. The Indonesian Forest Authority regulates and limits the cutback of the teak wood trees.


In contrary to most of the local teak furniture manufacturers which produce mainly outdoor furniture for the masses, some of them in Jepara are specializing in the design and export of first class Indoor Teak Furniture. But the buyers of teak furniture for the living- dining and sleeping room have the difficulty to find high quality compared with acceptable prices, which is not an easy task. One should definitely focus on highest quality and workmanship and concentrate on teak factories using only A Grade teak wood, having broad experience in the field of high class indoor teak furniture manufacturing.


Quality is the Crucial Competitive Edge
The reason for being really cautious is the fact that there are factories in Jepara, luckily not too many, which just lime thin and small teak pieces together, and paint it with thick layers to hide the joints. To avoid these factories of inferior teak wood processing and manufacturing, the eyes should be kept wide open while examining the teak furniture! This definitely could be a crucial competitive edge when it comes to market the teak products later.

Teak features a distinctive collection of exceptionally high quality Indoor Recycled teak furniture furnishings designed and built for comfort, style, durability, and to stand the test of time.



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