A few nice lemari images I found:

The Cupboard’s Here

Image by Chandra Marsono
After months of searching for the right kind of cupboard, we finally made our own. My brother-in-law the architect is good at making furniture from used wood. This was my old office desk 3 weeks ago.

This will be where we stack Vira’s and the future baby’s clothes.

lemari makanan

Image by chrome76
An old cupboard where my grandma stores cooked food that is leftover after lunch to be eaten again during diner. Behind it is a dish dryer called “para” in our penang malay dialect.. it has two storey.. the lower one is where the plates and cups are dried and below it is the drain ( acaq in penang malay dialect ).. the top one is where she stores milo/nescafe/sugar/cookies or foods that can be stored for long periods of time.

Isi lemari

Image by Yohanes & Risna
ini hanya contoh hehe.. benang Risna cuma segini, dikit ya 😛





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